Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ugly Anyway

The Evil Queen is mad hot, and I would rather look like her than Snow White

What does it mean to be ugly anyway and why would I choose to define myself as something with a negative connotation. I may not be the visual that comes to mind when you think of a damsel, but I certainly am a girl in all ways. The thing about girls is they are vicious monsters, and even if you don’t have a reason to dislike a girl or at least not a very good reason its so easy to end a statement with whatever she’s ugly anyway. Ex-boyfriend is seeing someone new? Who cares the bitch is ugly. A girl has shoes that would look way better on your feet? Well her outfit is ugly anyway.

In her defense she lives with a bunch of miners, as a girl from a rig town I understand
Traditionally women make a big fuss about being called the C word, but at the end of the day that is never the final word. It’s possible it’s because so many women are too big of babies to call another woman a cunt to her face but I think the reality is that essentially the vain creature that the average female is the most hurtful thing that could be said is that someone is unattractive.
Sorry Internet
My stance on attraction is that it is a huge matter of opinion. That whole beauty is in the eye of the beholder style statement is by all means true. My close circle of friends and I all have drastically different taste in men for example. We are all the same age, from the same town, more or less in the same stages of our lives but what is ugly is just as much of a statement of opinion as anything else and I find that empowering rather than dismal.
I find it empowering in the same way I find Radioheads “Just” empowering, the idea of you do it to yourself puts you in a situation where you have complete control. The idea that your ugly anyway means you have no one to impress, nothing to lose and get to just make yourself happy. I was terrorized for how I dressed growing up and if I hadn’t been I am sure I would be a totally different person and I am now in love with being the girl who you may or may not be Facebook creeping saying that girl better check her ego because she’s ugly anyway. 

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